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Jason Cheng
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hi there,

I'm Jason Cheng, Founder of InnoMen Productions.

Thank you for visiting my DeviantArt page. We are now currently making a game titled Sierra Ops, and I'll post artworks related to the game over time.

I have worked for various indie game studios and has been practicing digital art and marketing everyday. Follow my Twitter and feel free to talk to me there.



  • Citizens of the main floating islands (where all the remaining humans live)
    • Shawn
      • Age unknown, probably around 20, a man who has forgotten his past.
      • He's currently under the care of Sonia and her family.
      • He's usually silent, giving small responses, but very attentive, like a lot of things are probably going in his mind.
      • He's physically strong like any other soldiers who underwent rigid training to fight the mutants, but falls REAAALLLYYYY short when it comes to fighting other average soldiers.
    • Sonia Roscels
      • Age 25, she's an engineer/mechanic who's currently assigned to the main islands to help out with the maintenance of the floater systems.
      • She actually hates having Shawn around just because, (freeloader? Not sure yet).
      • Like most of the mechanics, she's aware of the potential risk involved.
        • Some very, very huge mutants appear to try striking the bottom of the main floating islands, but because of the powerful forcefield system at the bottom, monsters were repelled easily no matter how strong they were. 
        • It's a very rare case to have the forcefield penetrated aside from a strong volcanic activity actually occurs.
          • The mechanics will need to put their lives on the line fixing the system while being guarded by soldiers if the worst ever happens.
          • So far, only one accident happened which almost led to the loss of the main floating islands which means humanity was almost wiped out when this happened.
            • The defense line has crippled and around 20 out of 100 outer layers has fallen already.
              • They need to dislodge the outer layers in order to destroy all of the gathered mutants at once. 
          • The scientists has started to deploy drones in advance for the routes they have to take as temporary measure to detect any activities below the ground. 
          • 4 decades after the incident, the forecast system was established to detect any calamitous activities on the land below in advanced, and the main islands were safe ever since.
  • Doctors and Scientist of the main floating islands
    • Doctor Vargas
      • Age 28, nanobots and augmentation specialist, Shawn really hates this guy to the core, only to find himself relying more often later on.
      • He's gay, has a quirky attitude, and very concerned for Shawn.
        • He's actually a very strict, and diligent person on the job.
        • He's really depressed deep inside when people dies under his care.
        • He actually looks like a legitimate milf.
  • Soldiers of the militarized islands (which serves to protect the civilians on the main floating islands)
    • Solius
      • One of the few remaining survivors who defended the recently attacked island.


  • Kyrie 
  • Amethyst twins
Sakralotus Characters and Basic Descriptions (WIP)
Still a draft, will continue on another time.
Plot/Themes/Setting found here -…
Main Themes:
  • Fantasy Sci-Fi (more inclined to realism than space magic)

  • A fantasy world which looks like a post-apocalyptic Earth, however it is 1000 times larger.
  • Starts at no definite date, so it's just labeled by the protagonist as "day 1".
  • Humanity lives on artificial floating islands at the skies.

Topics Covered:
  • Beings from the land and the sea are mankind's worst enemy.
  • Nanobots are fucking overpowered.
  • There are always reasons why a person can be extremely violent, pessimistic, or villainy, a.k.a. there's no absolute evil.
  • Always be prepared for having the rug you're standing on to be pulled out from your feet.

Moral of the story:
  • What we do now as of present time, no matter how small it is, can possibly contribute to a greater thing in the future.
  • Everyone's lives are precious, even the very people we hate, and those whose existence were wishfully forbidden by the society.
  • A passionately made android can be mankind's best ace, or worst enemy as well.
Sakralotus in a Nutshell (draft)
Planning things slowly but surely for my personal project.
I just learned how to outline stories recently for Sierra Ops because of Youkos /our current writer. I aim to wrap up the story first before thinking of an applicable presentation whether it's a game, visual novel, hybrid, manga, webcomic, or whatsoever.
So, how are you guys? :) Oh my, fist time using this feed function D;

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